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Why Do You Need Playground Matting?

There are many things that happen in the playground that is not so pleasant, like falling off the monkey bars and swing or hurt themselves.  Many injuries that occur in playgrounds are caused mainly by children landing on hard surface areas or otherwise unagreeable.

Most of people prefer rubber matting. When compared with the previous method, this matting has proven very beneficial. For one, it is placed in a large part, so it is not easy for children to eat or take home in their shoes. It is also durable and long lasting and it will keep your children safe.

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It is also much softer than asphalt, and even less painful to land on wood chips or sand. This kind of wicker is wheelchair accessible not like fine sand, wood chips or mulch.

You could get lucky if you need something better than standard rubber matting. There are various types of matting that can be placed on top of the grass without damaging it, and that can be taken apart and moved easily.

Made from 100% recycled material, this kind of woven mainly made using rubber from old car tires or discarded. A base layer made with mesh and rubber will then be layered on top.

This type of playground rubber matting will create a grassy area to a soft surface, safe and clean for boys and girls to play in and provided with full wheelchair accessibility in addition to a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

Doug Parks