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What to Know Before You Lease Short-Term Rentals In Luxembourg

There are many types of companies that offer short-term accommodation. Knowing the difference in what kind of accommodation is available is the first step in choosing the right company for your needs.

There is a suite of companies, hotels that offer an extended stay, short-term furnished apartment rentals, short-term rental homes, apartment tracker, and companies that specialize in temporary housing that suits your needs. You can consider no.1 short term apartments in Luxembourg via if you want to stay in short-term apartments.

Here is a list of the main items to check out so you can find the right company for your specific needs:

CS: Does the company or service provider offer personalized customer service or will you be treated like a number? If you are given several options, chances are you will be treated as numbers and end up unhappy. 

Size: Yes, size of the problem. The apartments are on average at least twice the size of a normal hotel room or extended stay unit. Most apartments provide a terrace and/or private balcony with storage too. 

Price: Corporate Suites and short-term apartment rentals are usually cheaper than hotels and often equal to or less than Extended Stay Hotels.

Customization: Can the company adapt to your needs for accommodation? For example, a company can allow you to bring your pet or arrange space for the nursery or home office? While some extended stay facilities allow pets, as a general rule, not the hotel.

Laundry facilities are: Find out whether the washing machine and dryer are available. Laundry is an additional cost that can add up quickly when staying in hotels. Some extended-stay accommodations have laundry but are usually in another location and are not too comfortable. 

Doug Parks