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What to Expect in Thailand?


You think you might know Thailand, but it will still manage to surprise you once in a while. This country not only manages to live up to expectations, it also manages to surpass them each time. However, if you don’t want to be surprised, here are a few things that you can expect

Warm & Friendly People – The people of the country are quite friendly and welcoming. You can easily make friends with the locals. They can guide on the best places for fun, food, and drinks. 

Street Food – The street food in Thailand is to die for. People from all over the world just come for the food. In fact, in one of the street food vendors in Thailand was even bestowed with a michelin star, which is the highest honour for any chef. So, streets are where you should eat.  

Shopping – In Thailand, you can do a lot of shopping without burning a big hole in your shopping. You can shop at vendors on the street, street markets, huge malls and designer boutiques. There are clothes for all budgets and really good ones too. 

Beach Life – The beaches in Thailand look like they have been created by an artist. They really take care of the beaches as there are any coral reefs nearby. 

Cheap Stays – There are so many hotels that you can find one that fits your budget. Most of them are good and comfortable. If you want a cheaper option, there are also many hostels that give complete value for money. 

A good hostel in Thailand will not cost you a lot and will even ensure you have a few amenities. 

Doug Parks