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What Is Podiatry and Why We Might Need a Podiatrist?

This is the specialty taken by physicians of Podiatric Medicine, otherwise known as podiatrists.  A practicing podiatrist handles various conditions which range from corns to anything and cracks in between.

Physicians who practice podiatry may get it alone or might be a team member with a health group.  You will find podiatrists working with a group of physicians in other associated medical specialization. As an example, they may work with a physician specializing in orthopedics or inside a multi-specialty team in handling podiatry needs for individuals with diabetes.

Most clinics restrict podiatry treatment to ailments involving the foot and feet but in addition, there are the ones that extend the direction to surgeries and coping with leg ailments. 

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Additionally, there are practices which have surgical, medical or both.

Comparatively minor ailments are usually known as podiatric consultation, including calluses and corns. These circumstances feature the thick, tough skin – that may also be dry and flaky.

The podiatrist can eliminate the surplus tissue particularly if persistent ulceration or even a presence of the disease is detected. 

Patients may consult with a podiatrist if they're fighting fungal nail disease or athlete's foot, which can be caused chiefly by a similar breed of fungi. 

Some diagnostic imaging will assist in the identification and degree of injury in order that a treatment program is set into position. Treatment could consist of casting or splinting based on the situation available.

Doug Parks