What are the Causes or Reasons behind Driving Anxiety?


Everyone has a fear of something or the other. Some have the fear of heights while others fear water. In the same manner, there are those who have the fear of driving due to a lot of anxieties. These are some of the causes of driving anxiety that are seen in few people.

  1. Weak Driving Skills – Having a license does not make one an expert in driving. Due to weak driving skills, it can lead to a dangerous situation even when it comes to a basic task. For instance; an individual can just sideswipe a car while taking a turn without checking the side mirrors due to weak driving skills.
  2. Mental Illness – An individual with mental illness is also known to cause fear of driving. For instance; due to fear of driving, an individual can end up in a ditch while driving his or her car. Additionally, due to fear of driving, the individual can end up in a road rage due to being unable to control his or her feelings.
  3. Experience of the Past – Sometimes a bad experience in the past can lead to a bad memory for the rest of the life in an individual. For instance; incidents such as hitting a pedestrian or watching a movie can cause driving anxiety in a few people. Therefore, it can be hard for the individual to get over their past bad experience.

If you wish to remove the fear of driving, then you can always enroll in a few automatic driving lessons in Ipswich especially if you have an automatic gear transmission car.

Doug Parks