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What Are People Using Home Ozonators For?

It is possible to wonder why people use home ozonation and what their benefits are. Ozonators can be used for many purposes, but they are most often used for cleaning or health reasons. 

Ozone, a natural gas produced by the atmosphere, has a distinct smell. It is most evident after heavy rains.

Ozone generators are also used for many reasons and have been promoted as a method to remove indoor air pollution and to eliminate odors. You can also look for ozone cleaning systems online.


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To recreate the fresh scent and effect of ozone in your home, you can use home ozonaters. To combat unpleasant smells in the house, people used to use incense sticks, perfumes, and air fresheners. 

Ozone works differently to neutralize odors. Ozone clings on to the gases that cause the smell and then breaks them down into simpler compounds. The odor-giving gas is no longer present and only the fresh scent of ozone remains.

To combat allergies, home ozonators can also be used. Ozone also attaches to gases, and it can also stick to allergens in the environment. 

Ozonating oils can be used to extend their shelf lives and improve their healing properties. A simple olive oil can be transformed into a gel by applying ozone to it. This can be used for minor injuries such as burns or stings.

Doug Parks