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Tips For Wall Art Decor

Create a gallery of personality and warmth to any room by changing the wall decor. The addition of frames, mirrors as well as wall art, and collectibles is a great option to change the look of any room at home. Here are some suggestions for hanging and arranging your artwork with confidence. Create a visually pleasing display that highlights the art. You can also visit to get wall art decor.

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To sketch out your design, trace butcher paper templates that are the identical size and shape of the wall decoration you'd like to hang. Apply them to the wall using masking tape and move the templates around as you like. Make marks lightly with an eraser on the walls. You can also arrange your work on the floor in a way that you are happy with prior to nailing the wall.

Sort your art in accordance with the theme. Create an art display by grouping your items according to the theme, and using the same colors and designs of the interior of the room.

Combine similar items to create an asymmetrical design. The key to organizing artwork on walls is to get equilibrium. For instance, tiny pictures that are hung on walls with a lot of space could appear out of proportion and look lost in the vastness of space. If you own a larger mirror or painting that is sufficiently large, it will be able to stand out on a wall that is large. Symmetry helps balance the space and generally looks appealing to the viewer.

* If you must remove your artwork in order to repaint it, snap a photo of the arrangement to be able to restore it exactly as it was.

For hanging your artwork, the tools you'll need include a hammer, tape measure, level nail hangers, or picture hangers.

* You've probably been told that artwork should be displayed so that the center of the image or arrangement is at eye level with the height average of the person. One good starting point is to hang your artwork about 60-65 inches from the floor to the center of the work. 


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