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Thumb sucking – Does Your Child Have a Problem?

How vigorously a child sucks the thumb is important. We have used the 'thumb test' at night to determine how difficult night thumbsucking would be to break. Once our child was asleep we would gently tug at the thumb in their mouth. If it fell out effortlessly, not a lot of sucking was going on.

But if there was plenty of suction, then they are still in the throes of a strong habit and it's obvious that the degree of intensity might lead to tooth misalignment. To prevent this habit, you can take online help via

However, it is important to note that most children give up thumbsucking own, without intervention. It is true. So, for those of us who need to give our children the help, see below.

– Involve your child.

You cannot force your child to stop her thumbsucking habit. So start getting creative in guiding, helping, and cheerleader. Actually, sit down and talk can go a long way with most preschoolers.

Thumbsucking explains it is a good thing for little babies, but to grow it could mean things are more important to do, It is a song many young people find impossible to resist.

– Go for the long term.

Some children will give up thumbsucking they literally overnight. But for those who still cherish the habit, the change will come more slowly. Think of months, perhaps a year or more. Instead of getting discouraged, recognize that this is a lifetime chance.

Doug Parks