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The Use of a Deck As a Multifunctional Area

Deck should be used as an extension of the living space, and below deck spaces used as storage. Here are some tips to make your deck more work for you. You can also choose best premium composite decking to beautify your house.

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1. Use a large glass door to open to the deck.

2. Do not skimp on the size of your deck – makes it even bigger than your Great Room or Living Room. Think of a deck as an additional Living Room, with sofa, chairs, dining table, TV, stereo.

3. Do not have a step between the deck and the floor of the house has a flush deck 1.

4. Put a roof over the deck. It also provides a "human" scale to the deck.

5. The deck area and the furniture must be flexible.

6. Use of plants, and wall hangings on the deck, just like you would at home. Just make sure they are "weather-resistant" than usual. This will give the illusion deck part of the house

7. The deck may have shady areas and sunny areas. Not all decks need to be covered. Keeping a small area is closed during some of the times of the year.

8. Changes deck functions as the season changes. How deck used in spring, summer, and fall to be considered in your design.

Doug Parks