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The Glass Kiln Techniques

Oven glass allows the artist to create a unique integrated glass. Here are some great built-in glass techniques that you can try yourself or use as a starting point for your creativity.

Be sure to keep a journal with detailed notes on your glass project, so you know what you're doing for future reference.

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Closed glass creates interesting objects, such as candle holders and vases. Complex pieces that can be made from a single glass, or two or more together; And they can be prepared in various ways, not just in square or round glass pieces.

Raised glass is another exotic technique that will make everyone wonder how a design embedded in the glass is created.

The inclusion may consist of sealed elements in unified glass artwork, and they had a surprising effect.

The technique requires a "freeze and melt" mold, which produces beautiful three-dimensional pieces of glass. You can mix glass powder to obtain a variety of colors or individually painted details in print.

Styling the glass is a creative method of moving and unifying the different colors of the glass in the crackling of the glass furnace.

The molten glass bracelet is also made in the heat of the oven, and also requires very fast and safe work.

Doug Parks