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The Beauty Of Polished Concrete Floors And Walls

Concrete is the hottest material right now for all types of home improvement designs. While it was once only used for commercial and industrial buildings, it is now becoming suitable flooring and wall materials for homes. The Tri State polished concrete floor and wall designs are considered as one of the most sophisticated and sleek materials that will give your home an aesthetically pleasing image.

If you are thinking of concreting your floor or walls, you should know that there are many in-depth guides about this type of concrete flooring. The polished floors have a lot to offer both in terms of function and practicality.

While some homeowners may decide to do the polishing of their walls or floors themselves, a vast majority tend to opt for professional contractors to handle the task for them. This is because these contractors have the necessary tools and experience to achieve the desired goals. If you have decided to have this type of flooring for your home, you should know some of the main benefits of this material.

One major benefit of concrete flooring is that the material is highly versatile. If you are in the planning stages of your home improvement project, you will want to know all the different flooring options that best suit your needs. Epoxy floors are not as long lasting as the polished ones so you will need to take into account the space function and how much foot traffic the room has on a daily basis.

In most situations, to seal the floor surface properly, without an opaque overlay, you should opt for stained concrete floors. However, it is best to leave this task in the hands of expert contractors who will weigh all your options. Only they know the best type of flooring that best suits your project.

Carpeting, hardwood flooring, or tiling are no longer a sustainable option as concrete is easy to maintain and mildew resistant. Furthermore, old mites and other allergens will not be attracted to these types of floors. You can also resurface your floor at a fraction of the cost of other flooring materials.

When it comes to cleaning the floor, you will only need a mop or broom to keep it free of dirt and debris. You will only need to do this once a week to restore the shine and gloss of your surface. Those high-traffic rooms will require less cleaning than the tiled or wooden floors. This can only result in increased productivity for the household.

The design opportunities for these types of floors are limitless. You can combine stains, paints, and other decorative elements to create a completely original look. Unlike other floor types, your cement-based floor will not scratch or chip under normal situations. This type of floor is perfect for heavy traffic rooms and is more resilient to damage than other materials. For commercial premises, business owners can avoid injuries by opting for non-slip coatings to surfaces. These coatings can protect the floor from heat, moisture, and chemicals. It is no wonder that most homeowners and businesses choose to have this type of flooring for their properties.

Doug Parks