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The Advantages of Wall Mounted Aircon Units

One consideration that house owners need to bear in mind when thinking about a window aircon system is whether they need a permanently installed or one that can be removed during the off-season.  As Graham Jones from leading aircon installers, Aircon Scotland explains, anyone considering a short-term installation will probably want to go with a window/wall mounted one and this is an excellent alternative for those who are only in the property temporarilty or perhaps renting.

Likewise this kind of unit can be removed throughout the winter season, so that there is no damage to any part that is exposed to the elements.

Many window/wall mounted units can also be installed permanently, however they will require some protection on the exterior parts that are exposed to snow, rain and cold temperatures throughout the year. In some cases, you may also need to buy additional mounting brackets in order to install it correctly (and safely!). Window a/c units can be a great alternative to more pricey central ones, whether they are in a home, condo, or home.

Unfortunately, a lot of the problems that aircon service technicians have to fix while visiting domestic properties are caused by owner damage and neglect. So, postponing your A/C maintenance may look like no big deal, but smaller problems can quickly escalate into bigger and more complex issues that can be costly to repair.


Doug Parks