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The 2021 Ford Bronco Modifications No One Actually Needs

A mall crawler is a term used to describe a 2021 Ford Bronco that is modified to look like a rugged off road truck, but is never actually used to drive off road. Another term used to describe this kind of vehicle is a “parking lot princess”. Regardless of the name the implication is the same, you want to look like an off road adventurer, but the only adventures you go on in your 2021 Ford Bronco is visiting the automotive store to buy more accessories for your vehicle. TailHappyTV produced four minute YouTube video poking fun at all the people who will buying the brand new 2021 Ford Bronco for the look of being an off road enthusiast, but having no intention on actually using the vehicle for it's intended purpose whatsoever.

There's nothing wrong with buying a vehicle because you like the way it looks, or even modifying it to your taste, but it is kind of funny to think someone would spend there hard earned money on modifications that will actually reduced the performance of there car. In the video TailHappyTV points out a long list of things that you really don't need on your 2021 Ford Bronco, or any vehicle for that matter, like 35 inch mud tires and body mounted mirrors. If you've been thinking about buying a 2021 Ford bronco and modifying it, you may want to watch the 2021 Ford Bronco parody to get a good laugh before you get on the wait list and start ordering aftermarket accessories for yours.

Doug Parks