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Take The Best Experience Of Paragliding

If you wanted to fly, feel like a bird in the open sky then paragliding is the best thing for you. Paragliding is an adventure sport where a person glides through the air using a wide canopy, a fabric wing that’s made up of a large number of interconnected cells. In paragliding, the pilot “takes off” from an elevated position, usually the top of a hill or mountain, and then uses wind forces to help him maintain flight. If you are looking for a paragliding adventure in Shimla then take the help of paragliding in Himachal.

Shimla is best known for paragliding but this off-beat gem nestled in the foot of the Himalayas has so much more to offer including many stunning and colorful places to visit and you can try different-different sports activities there. The best time to come paragliding in Shimla is from mid-September to March but it’s possible almost all year round depending upon the weather apart from during monsoon. When you go on paragliding, take all safety precautions and only fly with licensed tandem pilots. I am sure you won’t regret adding Shimla to your itinerary when backpacking in Himachal Pradesh. And for sure you will have a great time there.

Doug Parks