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Choosing The Best Residential Roofers In Stafford VA

While roofs normally last for many years, all roofing products need to be replaced at some point. Typically, roofing contractors in Stafford Va suggest that homeowners have a roofing inspection at least once per year to help identify potential issues and resolve them before damage to interiors can occur. Normal maintenance extends the life of area roofs, but eventually repairs will not be enough. At that point, homeowners have to decide which type of roofing material they want to have installed. There are many Residential Roofing Options to Meet Your Needs.

Shingled roofs are the most common in the Stafford area.

There are several shingle types homeowners should discuss with roofing experts. The least expensive option would be to install traditional three tab asphalt or fiberglass shingles. While relatively inexpensive, this option is more prone to wind and hail damage than higher quality options.

There are other, higher quality composition type shingles available to consider. Architectural shingles, for example, have a visually appealing texture, and are offered in a wide array of hues to enhance the look of any home. The higher quality shingle options resist wind damage, and last several years longer than entry level three tab shingles.

Metal roofs are also a viable option for the region.

In the past, homeowners often discounted metal roofing as an option because there were few options available. The galvanized panels most commonly associated with the idea of metal roofing were simply too ugly to consider for a modern home. Those days are long gone. Today’s metal roofing products come in many styles and colors. Metal roofing also lasts far longer than many alternatives, making it an extremely attractive option for many homeowners. Asking a roofing professional about modern metal roofing is strongly recommended as an alternative to shingle roofs.

Cedar roofing shingles add authenticity to traditional home styles.

When restoring an older home, or when roofing a newer home designed to mimic a traditional home style, consider using genuine cedar roofing shingles. The look provided by cedar is unparalleled. Cedar starts out with a wonderful reddish hue that slowly ages to a soft gray hue. For traditional home styles, the look cannot be matched by modern materials. Cedar requires some maintenance but, when properly taken care of, it will last for many years.

Tile, slate and other materials…

Less commonly used, but also excellent for the region, are different types of tile and slate materials. All of these materials will last for years, but are considered too expensive by many homeowners. They may also require special care during installation, but for specific styles of homes, they should be considered. Roofing professionals can explain the pros and cons of these roofing materials.

Quality roofing materials must be installed by professional roofers to ensure homeowners receive the maximum benefits of each material. Contacting a roofing professional for an analysis of the current roof is strongly recommended before any repair or replacement decisions are considered.