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Know All About Spyware And Malware And Protect Your Computer

Many spyware and malware infections are increasing online today. Many companies have found so many antivirus software to prevent these infections. Nevertheless, many people have difficulty to use these software to prevent spyware attacks.

Let us first see what spyware and adware are. This is useful to understand how anti-virus software is used to prevent attacks. You can even take security solutions for securing sessions of web via

Adware: is a program that is installed on the computer without the consent of the user and seeks to change the browser and security settings. The purpose of adware is to display advertising to the user.

Spyware:  is software that hides on the computer that monitors the activity of the computer and transmits it over the network. it can transmit sensitive information across the network.

Typically, spyware is not designed to damage the computer, it is designed to send advertisements to the user using the browser. The spyware software is designed to bypass the firewall or other anti-virus software to keep the computer penetration. Therefore, in most cases, antivirus software cannot discover spyware.

The question is how the normal spyware came on the computer of the user. There are two ways that this can happen. First, it can occur when users download a program and install it. The downloaded program can contain spyware software embedded in it.

This spyware program automatically installed along with the main program. Second, when the user's browsing pages on the Internet, an author page box contains a spyware program that is executed while the page downloads. The spyware program can be java applets, java script or other browser scripting language.