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Low Profile Telescopic Pool Enclosures in Canada

The exclusive range of low-profile telescopic enclosures provides solutions for situations where the sight of a large structure when enclosing the pool would not be desired, for example, if it was felt to be too obtrusive or imposing.

However, innovative access doors allow the use of the pool and unhindered swimming even when the building is in a closed position.

If you prefer to have a rather discreet structure, which is not possible with a full-height swimming pool enclosure, retractable low swimming pool enclosure is what you may prefer. The price will also be lower.

The retractable low swimming pool enclosures offer most of the advantages of the full height swimming pool enclosures, such as safety, extended use, lower maintenance, and heat retention.

The factory that manufacturer the enclosures have developed various shapes of low swimming pool enclosures to suit all tastes:

With Telescopic Pool Enclosures, pools no longer have to be closed during those unfortunate rainy days. These awesome glass dome-like cases ensure that your pool (and you) stay safe and dry, whatever the weather's like outside.

As a bonus, considering how these enclosures are made of glass, you can still tan poolside if you think the weather is too humid, without the sticky, sweaty aftermath. Check out these cool Telescopic Pool Enclosures in the featured gallery.