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Helpful Plumbing Tips to Follow During the Holidays


The holiday season is the perfect time for friends and family members to gather around and enjoy the time. Since a large group of people will be coming over to your house, the plumbing system can also get vulnerable. This leads to immediate assistance from a professional plumber. A backed-up toilet, clogged sink, broken garbage disposal, etc. are some of the problems seen often in houses during the holiday season. In order to avoid these problems during the holidays, follow these tips allowing you to have a peace of mind.

  1. Don’t Let Grease Pour into the Drains – If you’re going to prepare a meal for your guests, then consider not to let the grease poured into the drains. Excessive drainage of grease makes it to become solid as the temperature cools down later on, leading to the formation of clogs.
  2. Take Care of the Garbage Disposal – It is crucial not to put things that aren’t meant to be put inside a garbage disposal. For putting small particles is fine however, not large scraps of food. Large items of foods such as bones, coffee seeds, rice, pasta, carrots, celery, etc. are best suited to be put into the trash can and not the garbage disposal.
  3. Mesh Screens – If you want to avoid your sink from getting clogged, then it is important to put a mesh screen on it. Another way of putting mesh screens is on the bathtub. This will avoid clogging agents and hair from getting inside the pipes.

These are a few helpful tips based on plumbing to be followed during the holidays. If you require assistance from a plumber in Coffs Harbour area, there are plenty you can find easily.