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List of Plastics that are Safe to Reuse


Traditionally, many of us relied heavily on the use of wooden barrels, glass and tin cans when it came to packaging. However, we have now started depending more on plastic for its durability, lightweight and recyclable ability. Due to these qualities, plastics have now entered in many shops, home kitchens, restaurants etc. It is still important to know the different types of plastic that are safe to reuse.

  1. PET or PETE –The most common type of plastic container used in juice salad dressing, water, ketchup and soft drinks are polyethylene terephthalate bottles. This type of bottle is safe to reuse after washing stated by the American Chemistry Council. However, ECO Village Green have stated that this type of bottle is not so safe to use because of the difficulty in cleaning them along with exposure to high temperatures.
  2. HDPE – The HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastics are the ones used in yogurt, margarine tubs, juices, milk and detergent. This type of plastic is known to be safe to reuse by the American Chemistry Council as it does not produce any form of harmful chemicals.
  3. LDPE –Grocery and trash bags, plastic wraps for storing food, frozen food, bread wrapping are the ones that depend on LDPE (low-density polyethylene) plastics. This plastic category is considered to be safe to reuse depending on certain situation. For instance; you can use this category of plastic for storing or preserving food. However, the plastic is light-weight that can release toxic chemicals if exposed under high-temperature including the microwave.

If you know the categories of plastics, then you can use one as plastic stemless wine glasses.