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The Background of Digital Photography

The ability to make an image background that is digital is one of the biggest benefits of the revolution in digital technology.

In the past of filmmaking, when you required a particular kind of background it was only able to paint backdrops or even go on locations. The process of changing backgrounds was extremely difficult.

The majority of the time, if you were to apply a touch-up, for instance, get rid of a trash can behind your subject, it's about actually getting to the negative and actually painting it. The same was true for face-to-face touch-ups.

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This seamlessly was a feat that required an incredible amount of skill

Because the negatives were tiny, it was a daunting task and very few photographers were able to complete the task properly or even properly. Therefore, they ended up having to pay professional retouchers to perform the work. It was not a good time.

In the present, for two dollars we can get dozens of digital backgrounds! What is a digital photography background it is a photo of a backdrop or prop that is stored on CD?

We then open them using Photoshop or Gimp to digitally place the washtub we like over the backdrop we love and then add an earlier shot of the baby and voila! In just two minutes, we're babysitting in an old washtub set against the "Old Masters" backdrop.

A small investment in cash and no fumbling with storage or props, and you don't need an expensive studio! The digital background allows for stunningly creative photography to be at our fingertips for all of us!