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The New Hot Trend of Photo Booths

Looking for a unique way to make your big day a little more unforgettable and entertaining? Try renting a photo booth for your wedding.

A photo booth is a hot new trend for weddings. They not only provide something fun and interactive for your guests, but they are a great way to make a photo montage of your big day. Many photo booth companies provide you with a compilation CD of photos of your day, and others will even put them online for you and your loved ones to access, share, and print.

Many companies offer a large selection of scrapbooking too, must-have if you want to make a special note and detailed archive pictures from your wedding day. If you are looking for photobooth services rental in Novi then you are at the right place.

Choosing the right photo booth for your wedding is a complicated process. You want someone you can trust, but you also want to make sure you hire a photo booth fulfill your desires.

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Do I Want Vintage or Digital Booth?


Some people like the classic look and feel of a vintage photo booth. Their old school appearance and feel will remind you and your guests from the days when this is a public site. One disadvantage is that they are big and are limited in where they can be placed.


For people who do not have their hearts set on a classic look, a digital booth may be the answer. The digital stand has the advantage of being light and extremely mobile, and thus cheaper, usually ranging from $ 1000 to $ 1200 for an event.

Moreover, this booth can create high-resolution photos and can fit 8-10 people, sometimes more. If you are looking for something with a little more bang for your money, and are willing to reserve that for a vintage look curtained booth design a more modern, then the digital booth may be for you.