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Why is Microblading So Popular?

Microblading is popular because it is an incredibly customizable and sensitive procedure. The technician can create delicate lines that are very realistic looking and can be colored to match your skin tone.

Additionally, microblading is a relatively short-term procedure that results in minimal downtime. You can typically resume your normal activities within a day or two after your appointment. You can also choose Permanent Makeup & Microblading Eyebrows in Milwaukee.

How does microblading compare to other cosmetic tattoos?

Microblading generally provides more realistic results than traditional cosmetic tattoos, such as laser hair removal or dermal fillers. Additionally, microblading is less invasive and requires less time for healing than many other cosmetic tattooing procedures. Finally, microblading is less expensive than many other types of cosmetic tattooing.

How It's Done

Microblading is performed under local anesthesia, so your brows won’t be too tender after the procedure. As it involves making a small incision at each tip of the hair follicle, not all patients will require numbing cream or discomfort injections beforehand.

The aesthetician will then make small dots from the follicle to the skin surface using a single-use disposable blade. Each individual dot will guide the eyeliner in order to create an even coloration.  Microblading is a new cosmetic tattoo that is quickly becoming popular in the beauty industry.