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What are The Differences Between Cannabis Clones And Seeds

If you plan to grow cannabis on your own, whether it's one or more crops, there are two ways to get started. This can be done by seeding or cloning. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

The technique you use to grow cannabis can depend on several factors. One consideration is what your ultimate goal is. You can get more information about cannabis at Prima Clones.

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The best way to decide which technique is right for you is to first know the difference between cannabis branches and seeds.

What is a plant branch?

The clones are grown from genetically identical to the parent and central plant. They are made by parts of the parent plant. This is usually a piece a few inches from a sturdy branch. 

The best clones are those made from healthy mother plants. Plants need to grow quickly with a strong and healthy root system. It must also produce a bountiful plant that is known to produce high-quality shots.

Growing Cannabis From The Branch

Growing hemp from clones instead of seeds is done for several reasons. This is a faster cultivation method. The cannabis branches have grown and just need to be planted. Growing plants quickly is also economical. 

Growing Cannabis From Seeds

There are two types of seed stems, stable and unstable. As the name suggests, a stable genus of seeds always shares the same traits. Growers or breeders start with male and female plants and grow them until certain desired traits have stabilized in the plant.