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Mediation: The Modern Approach to Separation

Couples who are going through separation or divorce can save money and avoid the stress-inducing procedure of going through divorce courts. They need to make use of divorce mediation services to come to a mutually agreeable settlement. 

The Theoretical and Conceptual Framework of Family Law Mediation

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Mediation isn't about trying to save and reconcile the relationship, but rather an approach that allows divorcing couples to come to their own agreement on various questions regarding separation, with the assistance of an impartial mediator who is. This is in contrast to being forced to make decisions about finances and children. 

Mediation is not only more than a symbiosis for the couple in question, however, choosing to mediation can help to reduce the expenses of divorce or separation from an individual partner.

Mediation is the process of separating couples who attend sessions that are led by an experienced impartial mediator. During these sessions, the mediator will assist the couple to come to an agreement regarding a range of issues. 

In most cases, couples are required to participate in between three to five mediation sessions to discuss and reach an agreement on the various issues that need to be addressed. The number of mediation sessions needed will be contingent on the issue or disagreements to be resolved, as well as the degree of involvement both partners are engaged in the process.

Mediation is a totally confidential process. Nothing said during mediation sessions passing on to anyone else without their explicit consent. The decisions and agreements made through mediation between couples are not automatically legally binding.