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Managed Network Security Solutions And Your Business

A managed network security solution can have extraordinary value for any business, regardless of its size. Even larger companies with IT departments themselves may not have the expertise to manage computer security itself.

In such situations, it makes economic sense to consider IT security and infrastructure solutions from specialist companies. These decisions can take various forms:

– Intrusion Testing: This is a classic method for testing computer network security, where intrusion testers try to break network security measures using the same tools and techniques used by (but without) criminal hackers to injure themselves.

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This is considered a best practice for conducting regular penetration tests, especially after major changes in computer network configurations.

– Scanned web application management: Although this managed security solution is not connected exclusively to the network, it can test the security of your website and web applications. This is very important if your website is large and complex and should ideally be run at least every month.

Likewise, web applications can be checked for vulnerabilities such as login verification, poor coding practices, and poor configuration management.

– Managed Network Vulnerability Assessment: This service completes your regular intrusion testing by checking the entire network for known vulnerabilities at least monthly.

Because requirements are not seen as full time jobs, dedicated employees are not needed unless your company's computer system is rarely large and complex. This means that specialized enterprise managed network security solutions can provide all the computer security that most businesses need without the need for internal expertise.