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Wed Like Royals In These Luxury Wedding Venues

Weddings only happen once in a lifetime, at least for most people who have found the one. Despite that, we all want to have a wedding filled with love, elegance, and perfection. We all wanted to make that day perfect as it is the day we tie the knot with our beloved partner and enjoy another journey of being called as husband and wife. If you wish to have a wedding like royalty, you can look at these several luxury wedding venues in London and get ready to be wowed with its elegance and beauty.

30 James Street, Liverpool. Home of the iconic Titanic, this hotel has garnered the title of being the best hotel in the United Kingdom in the year 2018. It is also one of the most luxurious and unique venues in London. This is a Grade II building which was the former headquarters of White Star Line, a shipping company. Now, the hotel recreates the lavishness and grandeur of elite passengers from the Titanic.

Gosfield Hall, England. If you opt to feel like Jane Austen even just for a day, then this place is perfect for you. This is an sophisticated Georgian manor with an overlooking view of a lake. It also has a vast variety of splendid reception rooms. Wait until you would fall in awe with the Gallery of the Queen having a hundred and twenty foot long entrance for the stunning bride. Delight in their shining, shimmering chandeliers and a spacious ballroom.

Ackergill Tower, Scotland. It was once hailed as the best wedding venues. Situated near by the sea, this magnanimous fifteenth century old castle is in an exclusive three thousand acre land. Inside lies a magnificent sundial lawn and heart shaped garden. This five star hotel has awe striking views of its serene private beach. They even have a tree house with a clear glass ceiling which permits you to lie down and witness the Northern Lights.

One Great George Street, London. The place is a prominent and indeed notable wedding venue residing in the core of Westminster in London. The place has seven authorized function rooms adorned with flabbergasting decors. You would not go wrong with their stunning antechamber imbedded with natural lights and tall ceilings. You may cater for about two hundred guests and can get great outdoor photos in the Saint James Park.

Saint Pancras Renaissance Hotel. An authentic Victorian exemplar, engulfed with stupefying adornments, and showcases a unique doubled staircase is hailed as a splendid infrastructure. The building was constructed in the year eighteen seventy three and was open again to public in two thousand eleven with a full rejuvenation of cultural splendor. Even Sir John Betjeman fell in love with it saying it is too beautiful and romantic to have survived.

Spitbank Fort, Hampshire. A floatable Victorian museum, spa and quintessential five star wedding spot in Solent is another luxurious site you may want to consider. It can accommodate sixteen max, and has function rooms of three which can cater sixty guests. They also three bars housing a bar of Laurent Perrier Champagne. Also, plunge into their hot tubs, sauna, open air pool with sundecks and fire pit. Transport to fort is only through boat or helicopter.

Clivedon House, Berkshire. It is one of the renowned and luxurious wedding locations in UK where Meghan Markle spent the night prior to her royal wedding with Prince Harry. This Grade I home estate consists of well sculpted landscapes and gardens. Blossoming with rich heritage and a list of its past visitors, it has a flamboyantly designed function rooms catering sixty guests like French Dining Room known to its detailed paneling and overlooking river view.

Aviator Hotel, Hampshire. For a futuristic perspective, Aviator Hotel is the ideal location. Be in awe with its astonishing spaces architecturally designed to give off the timeless beauty of aviation. It features a variety of function halls such the Wright Room which has a spectacular ceiling to floor windows and an exclusive pass to Terrace and Lawn. It can hold a capacity of ninety guests with music library, WiFi, and complimentary movies.