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Importance Of Replacing Wall Ties To Avoid Structural Instability In Sydney?

Cavity walls or ties are a standard method for building housing. They have been around since the 19th Century. Wall ties are a very important part of the structure's stability, even though they might seem small. You can hire an experienced firm for wall tie replacement in Sydney to have the authentic look of your property.

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Sometimes wall ties are susceptible to corrosion and may need to be replaced. What can you do to repair the problem in a building that has been converted or renovated?

Let's first explain the workings of wall ties to help you understand why they can corrode.

To resist external forces such as wind suction and other forces, wall ties are placed between the inner and outer leaves of masonry walls in a uniform spacing arrangement. They are especially useful in areas with large openings or unreinforced areas like gables.

Brickwork will not withstand the forces of nature without strong ties that are placed at the right spacing.

These are the key points to watch out for:

Cracking bed joints in a mortar (typically every sixth or seventh course).

Bulging of the leaf external

Butterfly wire ties corrosion, on the other side, produces very few external symptoms.

If wall ties are corroded, replacement ties should be installed and the old ones must be treated.

The installation of the new wall tie should not cause any disturbance to existing structures. They are inserted into holes that have been drilled in the appropriate locations and then fixed with chemical or mechanical anchors.

A Structural Engineer should also be consulted if wall tiles are corroded beyond a point that could affect the stability of the building or wall.