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Designing Training That Engages Adult Learners

Effective design and delivery of training and instruction for adults requires that we know and are responsive to the characteristics of adult learners.

One of the most important characteristics to keep in mind is that the adults come to the training, pay for the course, and change their busy schedules to accommodate classes, all because they want to solve problems in their personal life or work. You can also look for e-learning course design & development services in Florida.

More often than not, adults are not looking for a course of survey or information on a topic, but rather, how to repair or do something better in their lives.

The key is to find, name and scratch the itch of your audience. Even if other people transmit targeted participants for your training, you will still be able to ask questions to find out what "invited and will attend the" people care.

The best way to do this is to meet the participants before you start your design. A useful question for this meeting, "If you can fix the challenges in (your relationship with your spouse, your workforce, your parents of your children, your career path) what is it?"

When you ask questions like this you make a list of needs and desires begin to suggest how the problem could have been better.

Needs and desires can very often be associated with the skills to help people meet those needs, thus giving you an outline for your training.

One simple question allows me to find out what the itch participants (respecting the characteristics of adults who want to solve problems in their lives) and meet clients who hire me to design and provide facilitation skills training for its staff.