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Is Your Child a Thumb Sucker? Here is What You Must Do to Prevent It

Thumb sucking is a habit seen in some children. Practice starts right from the uterus in some cases may progress to adolescence if not intervene in time.

Thumb sucking may benefit only until the age of six months as over the years to help newborns in growing mouth and jaw muscles. But beyond that time frame, it can cause severe dental problems and the impact on overall health. To find out about the thumb sucking teeth problems caused by the thumb-sucking visit

Negative Results Of Thumb Sucking

What might appear at first immortal might be a serious concern if you do not stop your child from continuing to suck his thumb. Along with trying to repair the household, you can also discuss with a dentist for professional guidance on the matter.

If your child is beyond the age of six months with his / her habit of sucking mother, then it is a warning sign for you to take immediate steps to stop the practice. We have listed some of the techniques that have been proven to prevent thumb sucking addiction:

  • Starting to prevent your child at an early stage.

  • Restrain your child's hand when they have the urge to suck your thumb

  • Inform your children about the side effects of thumb-sucking

  • Encourage your child to do some home exercise program that aids in proper oral function

  • Keep your kid's fingers busy by getting him involved in activities such as pottery clay, painting, and others.

  • Use a pacifier if your child is an infant

  • Put a bandage or fingerless gloves at night while sleeping

  • Praising children of your efforts to quit the habit

  • Bring your child to the dentist in Bangalore that specializes in Orofacial myofunctional Therapy (OMT)