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What You Need to Know About The Training With Dumbbells

Once thought to be practicing with dumbbells? Then you are on the right track. Dumbbells are a good way to increase strength, and muscle.

This is not a bash against a barbell exercise, but some are dangerous. More specifically, the barbell bench press.  You can also buy best dumbbells online from various online stores.

The traditional flat barbell bench press puts the rotator cuff in a very awkward position and greatly improves its chances of injury. Fortunately, you can eliminate this possibility with dumbbells.

I would not say it’s impossible to not get hurt with dumbbells, but the probability is much lower. This is because all dumbbell exercises allow you to perform various movements, which puts your joints in a much more natural position.

The best strategy to achieve maximum muscle gains with weightlifting is to combine both dumbbells and barbell exercises.

Some of the best barbell exercises include deadlifts, stiff-leg deadlifts, barbell rows, cleans, and military press. Below, I will explain some dumbbell exercises you can start using today to really enhance your workout.

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Because I just hit a barbell bench, I have to provide a good alternative. I am willing to go to take the risk and say you can achieve almost the same results that you do with a barbell bench with dumbbell benching different variations. 

In order to target each part of the chest, you can use a flat, incline, and decline bench press. Additionally, you can also use a dumbbell chest fly to challenge you further and feel a great strain.


There are a variety of back exercises that can be used with dumbbells. The most popular is definitely the dumbbell row. I prefer single-arm row because it allows me to achieve a full range of motion and feel the stretch of excellent last. 

Focus on keeping your back straight, fully extend and hold for 1-2 seconds to flexion. You can also use the rear Delta salary increase. Perform this exercise on a bench or stand. Quite bent, and improve dumbbells squeezing your shoulder blades together and feel the rear delts contraction