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Buy Elegant Wedding Dress Hangers Online

A wedding gown is the most anticipated dress for a bride-to-be. Such a special dress deserves the perfect personalized wedding dress hanger with a name and date that will look great in wedding photos. 

A custom wedding hanger can play a creative and personal role in wedding celebrations. You can buy wedding coat & bridal dress hangers online from reputable stores.

Nowadays, you’ll find a wide variety of personalized wedding dress hangers with names and dates on the market. Deluxe models with laser-cut lettering are stronger, durable and can be kept as keepsakes. 

Lettering can be fashioned from aluminum or linden wood board and is usually available in a wide variety of colors to complement wedding color schemes. The hanger itself should be made from top-quality solid wood to ensure it can carry the weight of a heavy wedding dress. 

The standard width is usually 17.5 inches which is enough to accommodate a small first name, last name, title or phrase. Choose hangers with colors such as natural wood, white, black or cherry as these go well with most wedding dresses.

Suppliers of top-quality wedding hangers may take fifteen to twenty days to process orders, so make sure you place your order in advance to have them ready before the big day.