Exclusive Premier Dog Bed Features

The smartest, most versatile dog bed we've ever seen, made using water and stain-resistant microsuede covers that are easy to clean and can even be machine washed after unzipping and removing the foam.

Add to the decorative trim, topstitching, and waterproof liner to protect the heating pads/thin screens and the result is quality and value that is truly incomparable. If you are looking for premium dog beds online then there are various online sites from where you can choose or you can navigate this link

The exceptional, patented thin screen heating element included in this premium dog bed uses a low-voltage, safety box mounted on a wall adapter not a 120-volt element throughout the bed like most heated beds.

The bed heats up only when objects touch the bed, saving energy and heating exactly were 102 degrees, therapeutic heat is beneficial. This unique feature makes it an Eco-friendly product when it is Eco-friendly.

The bed includes a 12-volt adapter for use in vehicles. The bed can be used in a car, van or SUV. While humans enjoy air conditioning in their vehicles, dogs prefer to be closer to the natural internal temperature of 102 degrees.

The bed can be plugged into a cigarette lighter plug or power port. With Cold Heat thin screen heating elements, pets will enjoy the comfort of 102-degree therapy exactly where their bodies come into contact with this extraordinary bed.

This means comfort therapy for your dog and no interference with your air-conditioned comfort. The adapter enters the compartment inside the foam bed bolster.