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Shroom Burger Helps People Realize The Benefits Of Going Vegetarian

Meat lovers usually frown upon food that are for vegetarians. There are some dishes wherein a fruit or a vegetable is not able to replace meat, however, the ever-so-loved burgers are transformed into something that meat is no longer part of its ingredients. The food company Shake Shack has created the shroom burgers that can be as delicious, as juicy, and as finger-licking good as any burger that is with meat.

The burger is made up of shredded mushrooms that is breaded then fried, and is full of cheese. The recipe is so easy that it can be replicated by regular home cooks. The company has published a book filled with the recipes of their famous food, and also, just by going on the World Wide Web, people can access any online page that posted the recipe.

As meat lovers start eating this burger, they might turn their back from meat and decide to go vegetarian. It is not only because of the good vegetarian food, but they will also experience changes in their bodies for eating such food means eating healthy. There are a lot of diseases that can be prevented from not adding meat to their diet.

People can reduce the risk of heart diseases. As obvious as this may sound, meat consists of higher portions of cholesterol and saturated fat. Therefore, if they choose to be vegetarians, they will not be taking in any of those bad stuff. They will have instead a higher intake of nutrients that can be found on plants.

Cancer is the illness that the majority of human beings do not want to contract. However, if people regularly consume food that contains vegetables and fruits, they will be less prone to cancers. Heart diseases, and cancers can be prevented if individuals starting adding more greens to their meals, and get rid of pork.

Plants are rich in phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients are utmost importance for consumers to boost up their immune systems. Therefore, since they are less susceptible to sickness, people are able to live longer, and can even slow their aging process, and therefore, vegetarianism can be their fountain of youth.

In order for the livestock industry to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of meat, farmers will rely on the usage of feed that are with chemicals in order to hasten the growth, and fattening of their livestock. These can be hormones, pesticides and herbicides, and antibiotics. Moreover, livestock can have viruses in them, and worms, as well.

Vegetarians are contributing in the movement of reducing global warming. As researchers found out, cattle industry is the main contributor of the release of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. The cars that are emitting carbon dioxide is only second to the industry. Therefore, they are not only helping themselves, but helping every single person in the world.

Moreover, these individuals also contribute to the effort in caring for animals. Pigs, chickens, cattle, and cows have emotions, as well. Indeed, they are grown in order for the consumption of members of mankind. However, if you are a dog lover, you might, as well, love other kinds of animals, as well, and start choosing this food.

Doug Parks