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Male Brazilian Waxing- The Basics

A male Brazilian wax is trending nowadays. This wax will remove all hair from the butt crack, buttocks, pubic area, and scrotum. Men always look for the the global expert in hair removal  that can provide the best results because they are concern about their bodies. Let’s just discuss the basics of the Brazilian wax.

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Male Brazilian Waxing – The Basics

* The customer must completely undress from the waist down so that the wax can be done in proper manners. 

* Ideally, wet wipes will be left for customers to freshen up before the wax. And also a towel provided for the customer.

* The client must lie flat on his stomach so that the therapist can start the waxing process with his buttocks.

* The therapist must wear disposable vinyl gloves for all intimate waxing treatments and disposable spatulas used whenever the tip is dipped in the wax pot. Following this process will eliminate the spread of any bacteria or infection by "double-dipping".

* A combination of wax conventional tape and new generation non-strip wax is to be used for a male Brazilian wax. Non-strip wax is gentler than waxing classic tape because it sticks to the hair, skin and therefore suitable for particularly sensitive areas. 

Doug Parks