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Mailing Bags Instead Of Paper Packaging

If you need to mail a package, a mailing bag is the best way to package it. Whether it's a birthday gift, selling a book on Amazon, clothes on eBay, or a friend's surprise, there are several forms of packaging that will help. When you pack a package, there are only two options: plastic mailing bags (polyethylene) or paper packaging.

If you're in a hurry, paper wrapping can be annoying because it takes time to wrap around the box. Sometimes you need to wrap it twice to make sure the packaging is protected enough. With a custom print poly mailing bag, however, if your package is fragile, simply put the item in a bag, which you can buy with an extra layer, then cover it with tape that hardly takes a minute.

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However, some might argue that polyethylene is harmful to the environment. With all the bad press we hear about bags and the lengths of supermarkets and shops that need to encourage us to reuse our plastic bags, extra trash baskets are of course just a waste of paper once it can recycle. However, this is a misconception, and in fact, the plastic version is better for the environment. 

The strength of a plastic bag is much higher than a paper bag, so the paperweight needed to achieve the same strength as a plastic bag is larger and requires 100% more energy to make. It is also possible to choose recyclable mailing bags which will ensure that you are very eco-friendly.

Another great benefit of a mailing bag is that it is printable so you can customize it for your desired purpose. These can be great if you use them as part of your business as they can be branded to reinforce your branding and also look very professional.

Doug Parks