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Know The Top Elements in App UI Design

There are two types of notifications i.e. in-app notifications and push notifications. While the former improves usability by helping users better utilize application features, the latter causes users to learn more.

An example of a notification in the application is an introduction to the use of the application and new functions. Push notifications are similar to notifications in an application, except that it reaches mobile users even when the application is not open.

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The tip of this tool is a very useful item. Appears when the user switches to an item and quickly provides additional descriptions or tips on how to use it.

It draws attention to the needs of users and contributes to the application experience.

Appears suddenly

You might like them, but when used sparingly and for the benefit of consumers, they can be a real added value. They capture and hold all the attention of users to draw attention to important offers or messages. The pop-up does not close until the action has been taken.

Load items and screensavers

Together with other elements such as symbols, they form part of micro-interactions – a simple and visual way to present the process and its completion to the user.

The idea is to provide user real-time feedback on each function the application performs. Examples of loading elements are the typical dot circles, which blink sequentially and often occur when YouTube videos are supported.

The fill area contains blank areas or screens when all content is loaded. Usually, an outline of the blurry or partially loaded content will be displayed.

Doug Parks