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Know More About Garment Wash

Whenever you are washing your colored clothes, the dye fades. The color of your clothes may not look as pretty as it was after the first wash. But you can prevent this from happening.

There are several washing and drying techniques that you need to adapt to prolong the bright color of your clothing. For more information about garment wash, you can see here now.

Garment Wash

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Normal washing involves washing clothes in warm water with detergent and softener enough, rinse with water and dry in a tumble dryer until it is 100% dry.

Some sodium is added to provide clothes that look washed. The temperature of the water, the ratio of the wash components are adjusted according to the type of wash and clothes.

Pigment wash is the same as a normal wash but is a bit expensive. The garment is a solid color pigment dye. Pigment wash requires water with a temperature higher than normal wash.

Load the tumble washer not more than 70% of its capacity. This enables the garment to be easily carried inside. If due to friction of clothing with the body fully clothed.

Bleach wash means the use of bleach chemicals when it is washed in water. Strict washing time is a requirement with this type of wash because otherwise the garment can be bleached and the color cannot be reversed. 

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