Is Talcum Powder Linked With Ovarian Cancer?

More recently, the use of powder has become a contentious issue as growing evidence indicates that their use was associated with a greater risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Powder, also known as a powder, is a mineral composed of the elements silicon, magnesium, and oxygen. As a common household product, the powder can be used as an antiperspirant or in cosmetic applications. You can also know more about talcum powder ovarian cancer through

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Because it can absorb moisture, can be applied to sensitive areas of the body, such as the genitals, to prevent chaffing.

A new study published in the journal Epidemiology analyzed the use of powder in more than 4,000 women with and without ovarian cancer.

The authors found that the use of talc in the genital area can increase a woman's risk of ovarian cancer by 33%, especially in the case where a powder that is used in everyday life.

Although the overall lifetime risk of developing ovarian cancer is low, it is one of the most lethal gynecologic cancer. So, it is essential to recognize some of the main symptoms and signs of ovarian cancer for early detection and treatment.

Symptoms and signs like weight loss or weight gain, pain or pressure in lower abdominal, nausea, abnormal periods, gas, vomiting, difficulty eating or feeling full after eating should be taken care of.

However, these symptoms may match with another kind of conditions, it is always important to discuss your questions or concerns you may have with your doctor.

Doug Parks