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Instructions To Upgrade Extender Firmware

Today, here in this post we will provide you step to step instructions on how to upgrade the extender firmware. If you are experiencing any issue such as intermittent wireless connection while trying to connect with your extender, then you need to upgrade your extender firmware.

Instructions To Upgrade Extender Firmware:

  • Make sure the wifi extender is connected to the power adapter.
  • Place the extender is within the wifi range of the wireless router.
  • Connect your device with the extender network.
  • Now take your connected device and open the extender GUI using
  • Provide the email id and password that you have setup for extender account.

Note: the default username of extender is admin and the PASSWORD is password. If the default password is not working you might have already changed the password. So it is recommended to use the password that you have changed to.

  • Checkout the extender firmware, if is not not updated then update it. Usually if there is a new update in firmware available, there will be an alert for it at the top of the extender GUI. So, click on the alert to update the firmware.
  • For the Netgear Extender with the latest Netgear Genie UI, click on firmware update and check online. If a new firmware update is available there, then proceed to update the firmware.
  • Once the firmware update is complete, reset the extender.
  • You can reset the wifi extender by inserting a pin to the reset hole of the extender for about 20 to 30 seconds.
  • After resetting the wifi extender wait the extender to boot up properly.
  • Make sure that the power light is turns solid green or white.
  • Reset the extender again. For installation or reconfiguration of extender click here.

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Doug Parks