Important Facts About VPS Hosting

VPS hosting has existed for many decades now. Before the time of VPS, dedicated hosting used to rule in the hosting industry. For those who require more resources and control over their servers, they have no choice but to sign up for a dedicated server.

VPS hosting stands for virtual servers. When you register for a VPS account, you're granted root access to these accounts. However, this is only a virtual compartment that is set aside using specialized software. Hence the name VPS Hosting. The reason why such hosting is taking off is that they come at much more affordable pricing.

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A dedicated host can cost over $200 per month. For many webmasters using small to medium websites, a dedicated server could be an overkill. And the price tag is surely prohibitive. Not having an option means they're stuck with a lot of surplus resources onto a dedicated server.

Today, you can easily find VPS plans that start from $30 a month. Compare that with a dedicated server, which costs over $200 a month.

So how do you decide whether to go for VPS or dedicated hosting? Perhaps the following list can help you out.

  • Budget-conscious – select VPS.
  •  Running a small to the medium-sized site – select VPS.
  • If budget is not a concern and you can envision the site growing big quickly – select dedicated.
  •  Desire control over the site (e.g. install custom modules). – Both VPS and dedicated can feel your requirements.
  • Need a powerful CPU to support a resource-intensive application. – VPS usually works quite well but if it doesn't, pick a dedicated machine with a more powerful CPU.

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