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How To Start A Photography Business – Basic Backdrops & Accessories

The fundamental backdrops that you are going to have to get started are very easy. To begin, you only need one, and the one I would start with is a standard white vinyl.

And you can pretty much pick up these at any crafts store. They are going to run you from about $20 to $30. They arrive in 6-foot widths and I'd probably get it cut 12 to 15 feet long. You can purchase black backdrops through ibackdrop.

That will provide you enough room if you wish to correct the position of the topic or anything, but I'd go with that. And there are a few different reasons I would begin with white.

You can find some great shots on the white and only save them like this and the subject will stick out. It will appear clean and pure. It's a wonderful look.

Amateurs refer to this as a high-key shot. Now another reason, my primary reason for telling you to use the white vinyl is as it is going to make your life easier when you need to cut out that picture and post-edit to the software that I will discuss with you on how to accomplish that.

Then you can take that topic and place it into any electronic background, any electronic prop that you want. It is very, very strong. Nevertheless, the white vinyl makes a wonderful backdrop for that.

Black is my next choice for the identical reason. You can find some great shots on the black. You may print them and they may look fantastic.

And another thing is if you cut out a picture on black, and if you are putting it into a dark backdrop, as soon as you're cutting it out, it is going to blend easier.

It'll look nicer. So that is another reason for using the back. However, you can still do it with the white.

The green is my third option. You don't need to have a green, but green will make it much easier to cut out too well since it is a sound, so I'd go with green to my third. My first is white. The second would be shameful. And the third would be green also called Chroma Key.

Doug Parks