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How To Save Money On Christmas

Do you know how to save money on Christmas and still have fun? It sounds impossible but it can be done. Everyone considers that to enjoy the festive season, we have to throw money at it when in fact the opposite could be true. Research has shown that most people loveliest and most lasting memories of the festive season around the smells and sounds of Christmas, not expensive gifts that they receive.

Here are some useful tips to save money on how to enjoy Christmas without spending a lot of money:

Why buy a box of expensive crackers when you can have fun with Christmas crackers. The contents are the same so why spend more? You can use Christmas crackers in the decoration and at the dinner table. You can also use Christmas crackers as gifts. To get more information about Christmas crackers, you can visit

Why buy a fresh tree that will cost more and have the inherent problem of how to clean needles fall off when you can buy a plastic tree for much less? Apart from not having to worry about clearing up the plastic tree needles have additional benefits that can be reused making it a very economical proposition.

Why buy expensive trinkets to decorate a Christmas tree when homemade decorations can be just as effective without incurring costs. Involve the children. This Christmas they are, after all! Get them to paint, color, cut, design and create their decorations for the tree.

They can also show how to make a variety of decorations for the home including seasonal decorative paper banners, tags regulation, wax paper, and paper lanterns.

Why buy expensive turkey as chicken can be just as tasty and cheaper? It will also take less time to cook thereby saving electricity bills.

Doug Parks