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How to Cook Delicious Shrimp on the Grill for the First Time?

The controversial kabob is like magic. We need to cover each piece of pepper, onion, and steak by dipping it and turning it into a small cup with a layer of olive oil. 

Then we carefully started alternating the chunks of pepper, onion and steak. You can also order shrimp kabob Arundel mills via

Grilled Cheese Prawns - Ang Sarap

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Our excitement grew as we watched the pepper slices lovingly wrap themselves around the onion and steak chunks as each metal skewer filled to its maximum capacity. We wait for each skewer to run out before sprinkling our favorite dish, Paula Dean's spice, on top.

We preheated our gas grill to 350 to 400 degrees and placed the beautiful skewers directly on the grill. What can we do with our extra pieces that don't have skewers, we thought. It's a shame if it's wasted." 

Those shallow roasting pans with tiny holes come in handy here! "So that's it," we decided; It's about roasting small pieces that we don't want to drop through the grill.

We had to turn the tempting skewers after about 5 minutes to evenly cook the meat and roast the meat and vegetable side by side for 5 minutes. This seems like the best rule of thumb for kabob skewers. 

However, we waited too long and forgot to spin this delicious creation until it was approaching the 10th minute. So we had a very dark edge on our vegetarian cut which most grills find very tasty.

We took this beautiful kebab from our grill as if it were the most precious treasure we could imagine! Wrapped in a sheet of aluminum foil for heating, we ran with them to the table.


Doug Parks