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How To Choose The Perfect Perfume For Autumn

Perfumers classify fragrances into several "olfactory families"; These are different groups that can be adapted to scents (things like flowers, oranges, wood, or scents). As you go through the fall months, the three fragrant families you may want to pay attention to the most are oriental, fragrant, or woody.

The scent of wood that goes well with autumn, the leaves that fall from the trees and cover the ground are the first images most people think of when they think of autumn, and rich wood perfume can work well with it.  If you are looking for oriental perfumes then check Armani gallery.

oriental perfumes

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If you want a woody perfume, you may want to look for a perfume that incorporates subtle floral scents to maintain a sense of femininity, as the rich wood scent can sometimes appear masculine.

Oriental perfume goes well with fall too. Oriental perfumes are described by their combination of exotic, sweet, rich but spicy scents.

They often find their base in amber or vanilla and are closely tied to the feeling that you are curling up at home on a cold dark autumn evening. Although oriental fragrances are usually feminine, they also work well if they have a striking floral heart scent.

Autumn always feels like winter and especially the holiday season. Towards the end of the season, when those feelings build-up, some spicy and fragrant perfume can capture the mood in amazing ways.

Doug Parks