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How to Apply Eye Shadow – Make Sure You Do it Right

Using eye shadow isn't any different. It's created in various colours designed to match the eye colour of the wearer. It's a way to emphasize the eyes. Usually, more than 1 colour is sold in a bunch. You can look online for various eye shadows or buy teen eyeshadow via

How to Create the Look?

Measure 1 Prepping

Eyelids usually have natural creases and folds, so there has to be some preparatory work to ensure that the eye shadow may adhere to the eye pliers without creating the creases and folds more clear. There are foundations and powders which may be put on the eyelids to make prep the eyes.

Measure 2 Implementing

Step two is the true application of the coloured eye shadow. The lightest of the colour palette ought to be applied. The whole lid to the eyebrow bone ought to be coated. The darker colour will then be implemented from the crease of the eyelid.

After all of the colours are inserted a gentle brush or small sponge-tip applicator ought to be used to combine all the colours. Mixing the colours ought to be done a small bit at a time with mild strokes to not take out the colour.

Last Step

The last step in how to employ shadow is to place it all with just a tiny face powder. Appropriately applying eye shadow will render a natural improved appearance rather than a fake appearance. There are short instructions too which you get in the eye shadow typically with a diagram describing how to use shadow, these hints are great advice and with a few training, even a beginner is helped with this.

Doug Parks