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How Secure is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the best tool used for communication and collaboration. With Microsoft Teams you can easily hold meetings with your teammates or clients, record calls and conduct sessions. One thing while working on Microsoft Teams that usually every business cares the most is security. Everyone needs to be sure about their data and information and how it is being used. With the help of Microsoft Teams Consulting at you can understand how to use this service with more clarity and security.

But for now, I would like to give an overview on Microsoft Teams security. Let’s understand how secure Microsoft Teams is.

-Legal Hold: Microsoft Teams offers you to configure with Legal Hold. Once you do that all your information and communication with the teams will be kept indefinitely so someone can search and export the evidence for the court of law.

– Data Location: Presently, Teams support this feature in a few countries. The information can move to different areas with no client intervention. In the event that your information is kept on the east coast, yet a huge tempest is approaching, your information will be moved toward the west coast.

– Privacy: As a client of Office 365, you own and control your information. Microsoft doesn't utilize your information for something besides furnishing you with the administration that you have bought in to.

With such a security system you can easily communicate and collaborate with anyone. So be ready to enjoy high quality calling and communication with Microsoft Teams. 

Doug Parks