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How Do I Repair My Tile Roof?

Tile Roofs could easily last for a hundred years with regular maintenance. Repairing the old broken tiles and even replacing a few tiles that are damaged helps the strain balance of the roofing to get smooth and lengthens the lifespan of the tile roof.

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It may be possible to mend the tile, if a tile is slightly cracked. One can use some good fillers such as RT- 600 tile roof sealer to fix a tile. A coating with this roof has to be made over the fracture. This will flow in the fracture. The fracture will be well sealed, once it gets solid.

You'd like to restore the tile just in case the crack is slightly larger, or if it is broken. You'd need to insert a flat bar below the tile and lightly pry up the tile.

In case it's too tight, then you might choose to hammer at it in a way it loosens or breaks, such you could remove it without breaking down the other tiles. Then you may need to add the new tile.

There are some few points you must note down while tile roof repairs:

1. If you could not find a tile fitting together with the color of the other tiles. Do not postpone your repair job because one's roof's damage will further grow.

2. Be careful when walking onto your tile roof into the broken tile – roofs are usually slippery and may be insecure if you don't have prior experience.

3. Make sure you don't break other tiles while walking, that happens usually with learners.

If the thought of repairing your own roof scares you then don't be ashamed, there is nothing wrong with calling on professional help.

Doug Parks