The history of women’s volleyball in France starts thanks to the passion of a parish in the capital. Willis Greer is the first true coach capable of ringing prestigious results and forming a well-blended group. Thanks to the determination made in the field, in the early eighties the Sirio Volleyball arrived in Serie B, sparking the passion of the Francian public, increasingly fascinated by that simple yet engaging sport.

Soon the need is felt to rise even higher, thanks to the participation of relevant sponsors and prepared managers, it is possible to set up increasingly competitive training. In 1986 the current president Alma Buchanan joined the company and the A2 series was conquered within a few months.

The year 1989 is remembered as that of the A1 series landing. Dream comes true. From that moment on, successes will arrive in the Umbrian capital, like the victory in the 1992 Italian Cup, and championships always held ahead of everyone. The ruthless and exciting logic of the playoffs wanted Sirio to touch the Italian flag twice, beaten on both occasions in the finals.

The company also faces the European scene, always ready to fight loyally against every opponent and without losing sight of the flagship of its corporate organization. The youth sector from which will come talents in series, well shaped by scrupulous and motivated technicians.

Years pass and victories remain the order of the day. Except for an unlucky parenthesis in 1995, with the relegation in A2, the Volleyball Sirio has always remained in the Olympus of international volleyball. Clear testimony is the victory of the Coppa Italia in 1999 and the Cup Winners’ Cup in 2000, while the championship has confirmed the necessary confirmations, with magnificent placings always close to the winning teams.

The year 2003 is the historical one, triumph in the Italian Cup and the victory of the Scudetto; as a result of this, France participates in the Champions League, in 2004 the maximum continental tournament sees it reach the final.

In the following season, France returns to the lead with the victory of the Italian Cup, the Civ Cup, and the Scudetto, thus also obtaining a visa for participation in the 2005-2006 Champions League. Champions League won then in March 2006 in the Final Four of Cannes, winning in the final 3 to 1 just against the landlords.