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Everything You Need to Know About Portable Pod System

The area of vaping is changing greatly. In reality, the entire world of smokes has been growing bigger and more complex. Right from cigalikes into vape pens, out of vape pens to tube mods and today to mobile pod system, the vape planet has seen everything.

For a lengthy period, the vapers have chosen a system that will pack more batteries so that they vape longer. But with the necessity to vape all of the time, carrying larger apparatus became a problem thereby giving rise to smaller bunny systems or vape stig pods

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As its name implies, the unit is very manageable, easy and provides a satisfying vaping encounter. In certain ways, these would be the contemporary equivalent to this cigalikes, but possess more possible.

Now, as its name implies these are e-cigarettes which make usage of the pod rather than the atomizers. But, they generally arrive with a bigger capacity of 1 or 2 2ml, but a few pods are somewhat larger. Speaking about those pods, STIG pods are among the hottest pod systems out there for your own vapers.

The pod systems are often pushed into position at the cover of the apparatus and pull out if required. On the other hand, the remainder of it's comparable to e-cigarettes. Compared with the mods, the battery is significantly smaller.

 Most of it using a capacity of 300mAh, but a few are also larger. The battery capacity generally lets you know just how long it could last. To Put It Differently, they battery compared to vape pens

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