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Discover the Wonders of Hidden Islands


Krabi is safely the most peaceful part of Thailand. Being a small secluded southern province of a country flooding with tourists the year round, Krabi is an attraction in its own way. The city has the most stunning landscape, fantastic beaches with white sand, forest, and surrounding hundreds of small islands. There is enough to keep you busy in exploring to feel alone even if you are travelling solo.

Railay beach is close to Krabi and is potentially one of the best beaches in South Asia. The beach can only be reached through a boat due to the huge cliffs forming a boundary around it, secluding it from the mainland. Behind this rock wall, Railay beach stands in its breathtaking beauty and awesome cliff boundary guarding it from direct view.

Railay beach is untouched by modern infrastructure. It comprises mainly of sandy beach, surrounded by coral reefs and clear waters. The air is supremely pure as the island has no roads or transport. It is one of the best beach resorts of Thailand. Snorkelers are specially attracted to Railay because of its clear water and coral reefs.

Krabi has many other small islands in its vicinity. Boats are the only way to reach these small islands. Most are so small that they are uninhabited by man or beast. Only tourists visit them once in a while. Krabi and Ao Nang are the closest big towns to these islands from where you can hire a boat for the entire day and explore to your heart’s fill.

Visiting southern Thailand is an indeed an extraordinary experience. To complete this delightful experience, find suitable accommodation at one of the Krabi Hostels.

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